lindride poolLindrons

Lindrons are styrene-acrylic and straight acrylic copolymers, generally at a level of 50% solids in one or more organic solvents.  Lindrons are applied to metal, concrete, and other masonry surfaces, and upon solvent evaporation, their surfaces will have a tough, protective, strong adhered coating with organic copolymer.  Specific Lindrons produce different flexibility, toughness, and non-yellowing characteristics. Lindron coatings may be formulated either as clear coatings or as pigmented coatings disigned for applications which include:

  • Concrete sealers and stain
  • Swimming pool paint
  • Traffic Paint
  • Corrosion resistant paint
  • Bridge Paint
  • Waterproof paint for concrete and masonry
  • Metal primers
Lindron Technical Data Sheets and SDS for Download
Lindron 22  (TDS) (SDS) Lindron 121  (TDS) (SDS)
 Lindron 31  (TDS) (SDS) Lindron 191  (TDS) (SDS)
Lindron 34  (TDS) (SDS) Lindron 192  (TDS) (SDS)
Lindron 101  (TDS) (SDS)  Lindron 201  (TDS) (SDS)

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