lindau fiber maldene Maldene Copolymers
Reactive Copolymers

The Maldene resins are a unique familly of reactive copolymers based on maleic anhydride and butadiene. These patented copolymers, though not true surfactants, are capable of promoting the wetting power of both non-ionic and anionic systems.  They act as seconday emulsifiers and primary suspending agents. The considerable polarity of the Maldene polymers makes them excellent adhesives for bonding to glass and polypropylene.  They are completely film forming.  The films are flexible, have good antistatic properties and impart good abrasion resistance and leveling properties to emulsion coating systems.  Applications that use the Maldene copolymers include:

  • Textile applications
  • Adhesives and coupling agents
  • Detergents and cleaners
Maldene SDS for Download 
 Maldene 285
 Maldene 286
Maldene 287


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